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We established Vyatka Paleontological Museum on the base of rich collection of fossils found on territory of Kotel’nich locality of Pareiasaurs. This museum became the first regional research center in Russia which investigates fauna of terrestrial vertebrate related to permian period (255-260 MYA). Museum collection contains some unique finds, which have no analogs in the world. All works on the Kotel’nich locality of fossil remains and cameral processing materials are implemented by the employees of our museum.

The museum involves the leading Russian and foreign experts to complex researches and lets research paleontology, geology, stratigraphy, hydrology and ecology of Kotelnich locality, to make serious paleozoogeographic conclusions. During the summer season we organize "Dino-tours" on territory of Kotel’nich locality for groups of russian and foreign tourists (during "dino-tours" there is large cultural program, acquaintance with nature and culture of population of Central Russia). We also receive volunteers, scientists and museums workers during summer season on the base of expedition, living in a field camp, small private hotels, participating in yearly excavations on the locality.