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The Enigma Of Permian Period

This is the name of a travelling paleontological exhibition that shows the weird Permian Age, which, unlike the well-popularised dinosaurs, remains a mystery to all but researchers. In Russia it was Vladimir Prokhorovich Amalitskiy's expedition in the end of the XIXth century nearby the town (town status since 1917) of Kotlas who first found Permian fossils. The Warsaw University expedition there found eleven full Scutosaurus karpinskii skeletons, two of Inostrancevia alexandri, sculls and skeletons of other animals now known as Amalitsky North Dvina fauna.

2011-12-09 07:56:02 Категория: Exhibitions

The World of Dinosaurs (Travelling Exhibition)

The World of Dinosaurs is a travelling exhibition of a unique collection of fossils covering a number of geologic periods. More than forty items span from the Paleozoic era reptiles 260 million years old to the giant dinosaurs extinct since 65 million years ago. The exposition gives an overview of global-scale processes in geology and evolution throughout some 200 millions of years.

2011-11-28 17:08:10 Категория: Exhibitions