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Rocks of Nemda river

The river Nemda is one of the two homonymous rivers in Kirov Oblast, Russia. It threads its way through reefs whose tops reach above the surface of later deposits. It was Nemda’s waters that made those ancient reefs visible as weird rocks and cliffs.

2012-05-03 18:51:49 Категория: Tourism

Carst lake Provaly (Russian for ‘sink holes’), also known as Chvanikha

In places the lake reaches fourteen meters of depth. Its water is amazingly clear, so the eye sees things that lie up to ten meters below the surface of the lake. The lake’s bottom is sandy, but at the depth of four meters black sludge appears.

2012-05-03 18:43:55 Категория: Tourism

Welcome to Kotelnich, a town where history has gone old.

A local legend has it that when a raiding party from Novgorod reached the Moloma river they stopped for some rest. The ushkuiniks (such was the name of those Novgorodian pirates) saw a settlement upstream and made up their minds to take it. No wonder they liked it because it was extrmely advantageous strategically: standing on a high river bank and almots cut off from the outside world by two coombs and a moat. Having taken the settlement the ushkuiniks named it Kotelnich, which is thought to derive from the Russian word 'котёл' (meaning 'boiler' or 'kettle'), owing to a big pan in the earth nearby.

2012-03-25 09:41:23 Категория: Tourism