“Dinosaur world” opens in Volgodonsk

On October 4th scientific paleontological exhibition “Dinosaur world” opened at the ecological-historical museum in Volgodonsk, Rostov region. Guests from Vyatka were received with famous south hospitality. Among the receiving side there were representatives of Volgodonsk mass-media, culture and education sphere, children from “Pilgrim” center and boarding school for 6th type children.

“Dinosaur world” opens in Volgodonsk

Especially for children both museums employees have developed a program that in playful manner told about the world paleontology purposes and the place Vyatka palaeontological museum activities take in it. The exhibition includes not only well-known interactive programs, but some new things as well, such as volumetric paintings, letters to dinosaurs from Vyatka, etc. After the opening ceremony our scientists received excursion to the Cossack village. There they got acquainted with Don’s cossacks everyday life, tasted some of the local meet and vine.

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