Dinosaurs move to Kotelnich

Managers of chinese company Zigong My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. informed us that all 18 ordered dinosaur sculptures were sent to Russia. In about 40-45 days reconstructions are supposed to arrive to Kotelnich to be installed in the park called “Dinosaurs at Vyatka”, which will be opened soon.

Dinosaurs move to Kotelnich

Five sea-service containers transport the whole herd of dinosaurs. Part of them travel non-assembled and will arrive this way to Kotelnich. There they will be assembled for the unique theme park “Dinosaurs at Vyatka”, which is supposed to open this october by the terms of regional grant and has no analogue. Vyatka palaeontological museum assists Kotelnich administration in acquiring unusual sculptures since grant application development. Museum employees visited the People’s Republic of China in April. They examined production facilities of the firm producing the sculptures, ascertained high quality of production and assisted in setting up an international contract of dinosaur reconstructions delivery.


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