Tina Kandelaki viewed the Vyatka Paleontological Museum exposition

This took place during the celebrity’s appearance in Vyatka (Kirov) due to her taking part in “On the Seven Hills” event which is a regional media festival in Vyatka. Together with Governor Nikita Belyh, Tina Kandelaki viewed the Vyatka Paleontological Museum exposition.

Tina Kandelaki viewed the Vyatka Paleontological Museum exposition

A short excursion led by the Museum’s head Albert Khlyupin gave an overview of how the Kirov Oblast would have appeared to man were we present at the spot as far back as few hundred million years ago. An otherwise far-fetched attempt becomes more convincing here in Kirov Oblast thanks to the excavations nearby the town of Kotelnich, since 1933. When asked by Tina Kandelaki about the collection’s value in terms more lucrative, Albert Khlyupin estimated the worth as high as some $30M to $40M, which numbers he obtained recalling a skeleton sold on auction for 250,000 pound sterling.

Tina Kandelaki has expressed her shear amazement about Vyatka’s extraodinary museum as well as the Governor’s life-long passion for paleontology and his commitment to supporting sciences and arts. At the end of the excursion, the TV star has received an unusual gift, a souvenir by Andrey Skvortzov of Saint-Petersburg, reconstructing the pareyasaurus, an ancient reptile indiginous to the Vyatka land of about 260 million years ago. The famous woman liked the gift and said she it would certainly be of great interest to her children.

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