The World of Dinosaurs (Travelling Exhibition)

The World of Dinosaurs is a travelling exhibition of a unique collection of fossils covering a number of geologic periods. More than forty items span from the Paleozoic era reptiles 260 million years old to the giant dinosaurs extinct since 65 million years ago. The exposition gives an overview of global-scale processes in geology and evolution throughout some 200 millions of years.

The World of Dinosaurs (Travelling Exhibition)

The centrepiece of the exposition is a tarbosaurus skeleton from the sands of the Gobi. Among the items are also skulls and skeletons of various extinct animals. The exposition gives a particularly good overview of the Kotelnich fossil fauna, which is is now considered among the richest permian faunas species-wise. One can also see copies of the famous archeopteryx bones from the XIX-th century German excavations, as well as other ancestors of birds, namely pterodactyl and ramphorynchus. Skeletons of sea reptiles, other fliers and eggs are also on the exhibition.

The World of Dinosaurs (Travelling Exhibition)

The exhibition is provided with informative illustrations wherethrough one follows the fascinating story of terrestrial life from the early stages of the Universe through primaeval life forms to the realms of dinosaurs and mammals. Right amid the exposition the visitor is free to
take part in a simulation of excavations thanks to a game module wrought in the shape of a maiasaura with allosaurus jaws in it.

The exhibition attempts a guess at the fate of our planet had the catastrophy of 65 million years ago never happened. It also explains the diversity of the dinosaurs and the eventual triumph of the mammals.

The exhibition is easy to set up owing to the use of portable equipment.

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